With our creativity and flexibility, Elé Corporation (pronounced E-LAY) has a commitment to providing quality products and offering unparalleled customer service. Executing these characteristics has allowed us to become a well-known leader in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Our unique ability to manufacture a wide range of products, coupled with our ability to create new solutions, sets us apart from other chemical manufacturers. Elé Corporation would not be where it is today without the dedication and talent of our staff. The founders are still present in daily activities of the company, and we have attracted intelligent and accomplished employees from other chemical manufacturing companies, including McIntyre, Mazer, Dow, Chem-Trend, Rhodia, Sherex and International Specialty Products (ISP).

Our passion for manufacturing creative chemical solutions has been revolutionary throughout the years. In the late 1950s, we were the first poly foam systems manufacturer supplying the automotive industry. These products were used mostly for cushioning (flexible foam), coatings (polyurethane modified oil-based), and thermal insulation applications (rigid foam). In the 1970s, we were pioneers in supplying catalysts and silicone chemistries for PIR (polyiso foam), which were used as fire-safe roof insulation. Most recently, our fundamental chemical advances were employed to assist in the development of several components for the U.S. Military’s combat uniforms (Military SBIRs). 

By supplying products to a wide array of industries, including polyurethane, metal working, personal care, pulp and paper, agriculture and others, we have been fortunate to partner with large multinational manufacturers. Remaining vigilant in the development of new products allows us to further pursue our current and continual innovation to partner with global manufacturers.  

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