In 1986, the new owners of Pelron Corporation established Elé Corporation to act as its marketing, sales and financial company. Pelron, founded in 1945 to manufacture metal working fluids for engineering and large automotive producers, was one of the first companies in the U.S. to explore and promote the benefits of urethane chemistry. Together, these companies expanded into markets both complementary to and independent of their urethane product line.

Adapting to the evolving market, Pelron and Elé worked as one with a mission to unite technological excellence with marketing expertise and outstanding customer service. While maintaining its roots in the metal working fluids market, the company grew and developed into a well-known supplier of catalysts, polyols and silicone surfactants to the ever-expanding PU market.

Today, Elé continues to manufacture Pelron products, and has established itself as a manufacturing organization capable of producing a variety of chemistry needs for many diverse industries.