At the heart of any successful company are its people. We feel that our most important resources are the individuals who collectively make up our team. Together, we form a unique blend of talents that provide our customers with innovative chemistry and a commitment to quality.

Our diverse management team is committed to the company heritage that has made us successful in the specialty chemical industry since 1945. That commitment is stronger than ever as we embark on a new chapter of our company, aggressively pursuing new markets, technologies and capabilities that will ensure the success and growth of our customers for years to come.

Our veteran technical staff complements our diverse range of chemistries with their experience and technical backgrounds. Working closely with our customers allows our chemists and engineers to provide the correct chemistry for our clients’ projects, or develop one to meet their specific requirements.

Customer Service
We firmly believe in a committed, personal approach to customer relationships. Our customer service representatives endure thorough inter-department training to understand the dynamics of Elé Corporation, furthering their ability to accomplish “whatever it takes” to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated team of manufacturing engineers and specialists are dedicated to providing the best product possible. Each member of the team is cross-trained to manufacture any product at any time and exemplify the true meaning of a team. Providing a quality product in a safe manner is a personal pledge that our manufacturing engineers are committed to accepting.

Precise manufacturing controls establish uniformity of products, batch to batch, year after year. To ensure this uniformity, our professionals are continually trained in industry standard practices and are empowered to make decisions to guarantee product quality is held in the highest regard.

Our Team