INCI Names: Ceteareth-25
PEL-ALC CSA-25 is an excellent emulsifier and is used in personal care products as a wetting agent, solubilizer, conditioner and coupling agent. It is used in various cosmetic and toiletries such as cream rinses, conditioners, bath oils, creams, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants and shaving products. It is a mild, almost odorless, nonionic surfactant. PEL-ALC CSA-25, Ceteareth-25, is a synergistic primary O/W emulsifier that is stable at pH extremes. It is typically used at 0.5-5%. It is a waxy solid with an HLB of 16
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
Industry: HI&I
CAS Numbers: 68439-49-6
HLB: 15.2
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