INCI Names: Acetamide MEA
PEL-AMID AME-75 has excellent moisturizing properties with stronger humectancy than glycerin. The same amount of acetamide MEA will absorb 65% more water than commonly used glycerin. For shampoos it provides good conditioning properties, allows ease of wet combing, leaves the hair with good sheen, manageability and improves "fly away" control. Acetamide MEA can reduce the eye irritation of anionic surfactant based cleansers. Formulation of even moderate amounts as a percentage of the anionic present can significantly reduce Draize eye irritation scores. PEL-AMID™ AME-75 is also an excellent skin conditioner for use in non-oily skin lotions.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-AMID (Amides)
CAS Numbers: 142-26-7
Chemical Descriptions: Acetyl Ethanolamide
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