PEL-EST CE210 is castor oil with 40 moles of ethylene oxide added. This product has an HLB of 13 making it a good o/w emulsifier useful in a variety of applications. PEL-EST CE210 is a non-ionic surfactant, whose hydrophobic portion comes from castor oil and the hydrophilic portion, from its polyoxyethylene chain. It is naturally derived and readily biodegradable. Elé Corporation manufactures a variety of castor oil and hydrogenated castor oil based surfactants. They are exhibit a variety of HLBs, cloud points and pour points. Uses range from emulsifier, antistatic agent lubricant, humectant, dispersing agent to solubilizer. Ethoxylated castor oil can be used in paints for emulsification of pigment dispersions, universal tints and colorants.
Product Category: Ester
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-EST (Esters)
Industry: CASE
CAS Numbers: 61791-12-6
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