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Our goal is to assist customers in finding the best products for their applications. We do this by allowing you to search by what is most important you: chemistry, CAS#, chemical name, or INCI name. Or perhaps you want to search by application/function or industry; it’s all at your fingertips. This information can be found by clicking on the dropdown menus in the top (green) bar. If you would like access our Product Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, other product literature, request a sample, or ask a question – please complete our site registration form. We will respectfully decline site access to competitors,
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Developing new solutions for the agriculture market through the combination of our intelligent chemistry, formulation know-how, complex technologies and trained experts.

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Elé strives to enhance the quality and effective delivery of agricultural products by improving the stability and biological performance of your desired actives. We provide customized solutions for our customers’ specific needs, and have been successful by enhancing the performance and cost-effectiveness of formulations, while maintaining the desired safety and environmental protection standards of our clients. READ MORE

Our company’s commitment to R&D and new product development has reinforced our leadership position in our industry.
In recent years, we have made significant investments in human and financial resources. While we meet our customers’ unique and specialized needs – through alkoxylation, hydrosilylation, aminomethylation, amidation, esterification, quaternization, saponification, neutralization, carboxylation, polymerization, Mannich reactions and more – we are constantly seeking new solutions.
As a mid-size molecular synthesis company, Elé is committed to the concepts of collaboration and co-invention with our customers.

Our size and 60-year history make us the responsive, accessible and customer-focused supplier that our key industries demand. We don’t simply duplicate existing products; we are forever looking into the future, anticipating the market’s unmet needs in specialty and intermediate chemical manufacturing.