At Elé, we don’t just strive for excellence through innovation...
we achieve it.

In fact, we’re known among our customers and others in the industry as true experts,
who offer a customer-centric
approach regardless of market segment or company size.

Elé scientists collectively hold hundreds of patents and are known throughout our industry as innovators and leaders. Our chemists, engineers, formulators and manufacturing professionals all pride themselves on incorporating our corporate values of quality, safety, service, collaboration and innovation into everything we do.

Because we believe that people are our most valuable asset, we continue to make investments in both the size and quality of our team.  And every Elé professional – from the laboratory to the manufacturing plant to the sales department – brings a deep background of skills, science and success to better serve our customers.

At Elé, we’re always thinking about the future. That’s why our professionals frequently meet with our customers – to better understand their specific needs and share our technology advancements with them.

If you haven’t met any members of our team yet, we encourage you to do so. Our sales professionals can introduce you to our synthesis capabilities while helping you address challenges you face every day in specialty and intermediate chemical manufacturing.