Personal Care
Elé manufactures specialty ingredients for the personal care industry, based on our expertise in chemical synthesis and a deep knowledge of personal care applications and functionalities. Our ingredients are the foundation of many successful formulations in skin care, hair care and sun care.

Our organo-modified silicones are used as conditioning agents, color fixatives and hair resin plasticizers, providing shine, softness, detangling and emollience.  Our specialty surfactants are used as foam stabilizers, viscosity builders, emulsifiers and mild cleansing surfactants. And, our emollients are found in a wide range of creams, lotions and cleansing products.

The personal care ingredients from Elé are always made to meet our customers’ exact specifications, including products that are all-natural, low-glycerin, low odor, mild to skin and eyes, low-foam, high foam, and proprietary as needed.

Given the changing demands of the personal care market, Elé is actively developing innovative products from renewable sources and greener alternatives.

Personal Care
Personal Care

our Personal Care
ingredients include:

Emulsifier - Ester
Emulsifier - Phosphate Ester
Surfactant Mild - Phosphate Ester
Why Choose Elé Corporation?

The company’s preferred ingredients are the foundation of many well known and successful skin care and hair care end-products found on the shelf today. Plus, our organo-modified silicones and specialty surfactants are known for their conditioning, emulsifying, mild cleansing and foaming properties.