Household, Industrial & Institutional
If you’re looking for a solid portfolio of specialty chemicals for your household, institutional and industrial (HI&I) products, you’ve come to the right place.

Built through years of experience, our product portfolio includes organic and organo-silicone based ingredients that are tailored to meet our customers’ exact needs. We listen carefully to our customers’ goals regarding sustainability and cost-performance objectives and we make them our goals.

Elé manufactures an array of nonionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants which are perfect for formulations that include cleaning, deodorizing, surface modification, clean-in-place, viscosity modification, antistatic agents, and more.  We also make specialized organo-modified silicones that are used in applications ranging from mill fabric softener to sheen and soil repellency for hard-surface cleaning.

Many of our products are inherently biodegradable, and Elé offers low minimum order quantities with shorter lead times than other manufacturers.

Household, Industrial & Institutional Literature
Household, Industrial & Institutional
Household, Industrial & Institutional

our HI&I ingredients

Emulsifier - Ester
Emulsifier - Phosphate Ester
Emulsifier - Silicone Polyether
Why Choose Elé Corporation?

Decades of quality specialty chemical manufacturing and our customer-centric approach have made Elé the responsive, accessible and preferred choice for Household, Industrial and Institutional formulations. Our chemists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals all pride themselves on incorporating our corporate values of quality, safety, service, collaboration and innovation into everything we do.