Elé Corporation’s array of polyurethane ingredients and custom manufacturing processes have met the specific needs of our customers for almost 50 years. The unique molecular structure of our surfactants provides superior emulsification and fine cell structure for optimal insulation values.

Our catalysts, used in both rigid and flexible PU applications, improve processing by promoting backend curing and smoothing out the rise profile of the foam. Our trimerization catalysts can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with other similar ingredients to optimize catalytic activity in the production of rigid foams. Our newly designed non-halogenated flame retardant provides excellent performance, and is an excellent alternative to current products that are under legislative scrutiny.

Elé distinguishes itself by our ability to manipulate our polyethers with our alkoxylation processes. By working closely with our customers, we can customize a surfactant to achieve optimal performance.

Our production capabilities allow us flexibility to meet demanding lead times for large and small volume needs.

PU products include Catalysts, Surfactants and Specialty Polyol.

Polyurethane Polyurethane
Why Choose Elé Corporation?

Our history of innovative solutions and collaboration with customers is how we define excellence. During the 1950’s we pioneered and patented the benefits of urethane chemistry producing novel silicone surfactants, catalysts, and polyols. Backed by our highly experienced R&D team we continue to innovate today, offering a comprehensive line of silicone surfactants and polyurethane catalysts.