PEL-SURF PHC and PEL-SURF PHC-HV (High Viscosity) are concentrated sulfate free blends of mild surfactants designed to be used as a base for cleansing and foaming personal care products, such as liquid soaps, hand/face/body washes and shampoos. They provide excellent cleansing and a rich, tight foam. Formulations prepared from PEL-SURF PHC or PEL-SURF PHC-HV may be thickened to low/medium or medium/high viscosities, respectively, simply by adjusting the pH into the desired range (cf applications section). By adding additional components such as preservative, fragrance, conditioning agents, etc., a variety of specialized formulas can be created.
Product Category: Amphoteric
Product Sub Category:
Product Category: Anionic
Product Sub Category:
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-SURF PHC.
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