INCI Names: PPG-5 Ceteth-20
PEL-ALC CA-205P is both a nonionic emulsifier and an emollient useful for the formulation of lotions and creams. It also serves as a humectant, dispersant and fragrance solubilizer. PEL-ALC CA-205P is useful for the formulation of bath oils, shampoos, clear gels and other hydroalcoholic systems. By virtue of its higher molecular weight, this product is quite mild to the skin. PEL-ALC CA-205P is recommended as a solubilizer for bath oils and fragrances. It may also be used as a superfatting agent, conditioner and solubilizer for fragrances in shampoos and conditioners. In hair sprays, it will plasticize the resins used and add lubricity, providing better combability. PEL-ALC CA-205P has an HLB of 16 and it provides good wetting from aqueous solution. As such, it is useful for the suspension of actives used in antiperspirant sticks. PEL-ALC CA-205P can also be used in soap bars to prevent cracking. The typical use level is 2% and it should be incorporated before milling as a mixture with the fragrance at the mixer stage.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 9087-53-0
HLB: 14.4
Chemical Descriptions: Alkoxylated and Cetyl Alcohol
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