PEL-ALC IC-20-70
INCI Names: Isoceteth-20
PEL-ALC IC-20-70 is a grade of Isoceteth-20 (PEG-20 isocetyl ether) with 30% water for ease of handling. It is used in cosmetics as an emulsifier, emollient and surfactant. It is found in acne-fighting medications, styling gels, shampoos, facial cleansing products, mascara, anti-aging creams, liquid soaps, skin cleansers, artificial tanning products, and eye creams. PEL-ALC IC-20-70 is a liquid or gel at room temperature. If it is in a gelatinous state, it is still pourable but can be made completely fluid with just a modest amount of heat. PEL-ALC IC-20-70 exhibits superior foaming as compared to other ethoxylated nonionic surfactants. It also contributes a pleasant feel to the skin. PEL-ALC IC-20- 70 is also useful as a fragrance solubilizer. Fragrance may be prephased in this product and easily added to aqueous formulations.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 69364-63-2
HLB: 15.7
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