PEL-AMID EWDP is a DEA-free fatty amide designed for incorporation into most water dilutable metalworking products. PEL-AMID EWDP, in addition to corrosion inhibition, provides enhanced boundary lubricity and metal wetting characteristics to the finished coolant. In addition, it offers enhanced hard water stability compared to the conventional DEA-containing amides. It is recommended at levels of 5 - 10% in semi-synthetics and synthetic fluids. Higher levels, from 10 to 20%, are recommended for water soluble drawing compounds. In these applications, PEL-AMID EWDP produces elevated viscosity and high film strength when the finished product is inverted with water. At normal ambient temperatures, PEL-AMID EWDP is a liquid. At cooler temperatures, gelling or solidification may occur. Gradual warming of the material will return the product to the typical homogeneous fluid appearance.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-AMID (Amides)
CAS Numbers: 405160-18-1
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