PEL-AMPH 2CSF-CG is both an alcohol-free and salt-free, mild, amphoteric surfactant with applications in both personal care and HI&I. In personal care products, PEL-AMPH 2CSF-CG is used to couple conditioning agents into shampoos and body washes. This high foaming surfactant makes an ideal choice when formulating mild shampoos or body washes. Its high buffer capacity also offers utility when formulating neutralizing shampoos that act to remove all relaxer types. PEL-AMPH 2CSF-CG is also useful in industrial cleaners due to its ability to couple nonionic surfactants into high levels of electrolytes and its stability over a broad pH range. PEL-AMPH 2CSF-CG is the ideal choice for systems where sodium chloride would be detrimental to the performance of the final product or would cause corrosion problems. It also has the potential to reduce the overall irritation of other surfactants.
Product Category: Amphoteric
Product Sub Category:
Chemical Descriptions: Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate
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