PEL-AMPH 2CY-75 is an amphoteric derived from caprylic hydroxyethyl imidazoline. It has excellent wetting and detergent properties while providing low foam. PEL-AMPH 2CY-75 has good stability in strongly alkaline and moderately acid systems. It is recommended for use in areas where low foaming detergency is needed such as, dairy cleaning, food processing plants, etc. PEL-AMPH 2CY75 is compatible with most all other surfactants. It is also an excellent solubilizer for higher molecular weight surfactants, particularly nonionics. Its low irritation properties make it ideal for personal care wipes.
Product Category: Amphoteric
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 68608-64-0
Chemical Descriptions: Disodium Capryloamphodiacetate
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