PEL-CAT CA100 is an efficient tertiary amine accelerator and curing agent for epoxy resin systems. It is a technical preparation of Tris-(Dimethylaminomethyl) Phenol, a Mannich base. This product functions as a Lewis base containing unshared electrons that facilitate the opening of the oxirane ring of epoxides. This compound shows marked acceleration because of the presence of the phenolic hydroxyl group. It is an activator for curing agents such as polyamides, amidoamines and amine adducts. PEL-CAT CA100 finds use in many applications including adhesives, casting and flooring. The low volatility of this product minimizes odors.
Product Category: Tertiary amine
Product Sub Category:
Industry: CASE
CAS Numbers: 90-72-2
Chemical Descriptions: Tris(Dimethylaminomethyl)phenol
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