The PEL-EST HCO-16 is hydrogenated castor oil with 16 moles of ethylene oxide added. This product has an HLB of 8.6 making it good emulsifier useful in a variety of applications. PEL-EST HCO-16 is a non-ionic surfactant, whose hydrophobic portion comes from hydrogenated castor oil and the hydrophilic portion, from its polyoxyethylene chain. Elé Corporation manufactures a variety of castor oil and hydrogenated castor oil based surfactants. They are exhibit a variety of HLBs, cloud points and pour points. Uses range from emulsifier, antistatic agent, lubricant, humectant, dispersing agent to solubilizer. PEL-EST HCO-16 is particularly useful in the metal working industry as an emulsifier with lubricating properties.
Product Category: Ester
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-EST (Esters)
CAS Numbers: 61788-85-0
Chemical Descriptions: Hydrogenated Castor Oil
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