PEL-FAC 9800
PEL-FAC 9800 is compatible with high polyester polyol formulations and formulations with polyether polyol where it improves foam flowability, compressive strength and k-factors. When used at typical surfactant levels, it will enhance hydrocarbon solubility in pre-blended polyol systems containing other compatibilizing agents. PEL-FAC 9800 may be used at higher levels than typical surfactants to act as a hydrocarbon compatibilizing additive if needed. It is also compatible with commercially available silicone surfactants such as our PEL-SIL line of silicone copolymers. Some of the typical applications for PEL-FAC 9800 include foam core laminate and pour-in-place insulation.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-FAC (Other)
CAS Numbers: 54612-40-7
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