PEL-INE 410 is a lubricious amphoteric surface active agent that finds use in vibratory metal finishing. It can act as an anionic or cationic surfactant at high and low pH respectively and is compatible with strong acid or alkali systems. Further, it is an improvement over older types of amphoterics. It is more watersoluble, has no pronounced isoelectric point, and will tolerate greater amounts of alkali or acid. PEL-INE 410 is biodegradable and compatible with all commonly used formulation ingredients. It tolerates hard water and has chelating action, which clarifies some systems. PEL-INE 410 acts as a solubilizer for difficult materials such as phenolic germicides and phosphate esters. PEL-INE 410 is effective because of its strong wetting action on hard surfaces and its dispersing and penetrating properties. It gives corrosion protection to metal parts and has metal to metal lubricating action. Liquid formulations exhibit good freeze-thaw properties and solutions of PEL-INE 410 exhibit moderate foam. If this product is frozen, it can separate so gentle warming and mixing is used to reconstitute it.
Product Category: Amphoteric
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-INE (Amines)
CAS Numbers: 61791-25-1
Chemical Descriptions: Tallow Amines
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