PEL-INE ISML is a cationic surfactant that is used primarily as a conditioner for shampoos and hand soap products. PEL-INE ISML is superior to quaternary ammonium cationics because it rinses more readily from the hair thereby preventing build-up and the consequent “matted” feel. PEL-INE ISML is compatible with anionic surfactants and is recommended as a conditioner for both clear shampoo formulations and skin cleansers. When properly formulated, it will not depress foam or lather. At an active level of 4%, PEL-INE ISML is nonirritating to the skin and eyes
Product Category: Cationic
Product Sub Category:
Trade Name: PEL-INE (Amines)
CAS Numbers: 72300-24-4
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