PEL-LUBE EPML-483 metalworking lubricant is an anionic modified polyalkylene glycol which provides both hydrodynamic and extreme pressure lubrication. PELLUBE EPML-483 is completely water soluble at ambient temperatures. At elevated temperatures it exhibits inverse solubility and is thus able to provide excellent lubricity at low concentrations in water. When PEL-LUBE EPML-483 is compounded with alkanolamines, corrosion inhibitors, and biocides, synthetic coolants of exceptional performance and versatility can be produced. PEL-LUBEEPML-483 is stable in hard water and is naturally low foaming. It is hydrolytically stable and resists microbial attack. PEL-LUBE EPML-483 remains fluid to prevent the buildup of residues. Unlike many synthetic EP additives, PEL-LUBE EPML-483 is not selectively depleted from coolant systems. When used in a fully formulated product and properly maintained, PEL-LUBE EPML-483 provides long-term, trouble-free service in recirculating coolant systems.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 70857-15-7
Chemical Descriptions: Acrylic Acid Grafted Polyether
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