PEL-PAG WS-1281 is a medium viscosity, water-soluble synthetic lubricant. Aqueous solutions of PEL-PAG WS-1281 are lower-foaming than most other water soluble PAGs. It is hydrolytically stable and hard water stable. PEL-PAG WS-1281 is non-staining to brass, copper and aluminum. PEL-PAG WS-1281 is useful as a lubricity additive in the formulation of synthetic coolants used in low temperature metal working operations such as can-drawing, stamping and cold rolling. It may be formulated with anionic EP additives such as carboxylates and phosphate esters. Due to its lower cloud point, it can also be used to control foam in many synthetic formulations at temperatures in excess of 40°C.
Product Category: Nonionic
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 9003-11-6
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