PEL-PHOS SG is cetyl alcohol, alkoxylated and phosphated. With its higher molecular weight and its weak anionic nature, it is very mild to the skin when formulated to pH 4-9. PEL-PHOS SG provides conditioning, emulsification, thickening, solubilization and is also useful for the adjustment of the pH of both hair and skin cleansing products. Because it is a phosphate ester, it acts as a buffer to stabilize pH. It is used in conditioning shampoos where it improves wet combing and enhances the manageability of dry hair. It is compatible with both cationic and anionic surfactants and is not very hydrophobic or cationic, like many conditioning agents, so it does not build up on the hair. When formulated with cationics, such as in hair conditioners, PEL-PHOS SG will provide viscosity enhancement to formulations.
Product Category: Ester
Product Sub Category:
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 73361-29-2
Chemical Descriptions: Alkoxylated and Cetyl Alcohol
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