PEL-QUAT 922-A is a specialty quaternary salt used in personal care and certain industrial products. It is a very concentrated liquid consisting primarily of isostearyl ethylimidazolinium ethosulfate. Unlike many quaternary salts, PELQUAT 922-A is compatible with many anionic surfactants which makes it ideal for formulation of 2 in 1 shampoo products as well as standard crème rinses. The imidazolinium ring in the structure of this material makes it an effective conditioner with enhanced substantivity and improved water solubility. PELQUAT 922-A is also an excellent anti-stat for the prevention of fly-away hair. In addition its high affinity for surfaces makes it a good choice for formulation of antistatic liquids and certain wetting agents.
Product Category: Cationic
Product Sub Category:
Industry: Other
CAS Numbers: 67633-57-2
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