PEL-SIL 9424
PEL-SIL 9424 is a nonreactive, acetate capped, silicone glycol copolymer surfactant supplied at 100 percent active concentration. It provides slip, gloss enhancement, pigment treatment and leveling for ink and coatings applications. Additionally, it provides mar resistance for coatings applications such as glossy printed materials. PEL-SIL 9424 is compatible with acrylic, epoxy, nitrocellulose, phenolic, polyester & polyurethane systems. With a low order of toxicity, this product acts as an anti-stick agent in printing ink applications. It is particularly useful for facilitating the slip of magazine covers over one another during printing and distribution. It is also used as a solubility aid to compatibilize blowing agents with isocyanates in the production of polyurethane foams. PEL-SIL 9424 is stable in neutral or mildly acidic or alkaline aqueous solutions. It Imparts anti-blocking and improves mar resistance of PU coatings. PEL-SIL 9424 is an effective levelling agent for synthetic leather top coatings.
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 70914-12-4
Chemical Descriptions: 3-Hydroxypropyl Me and Siloxanes and Silicones
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