PEL-SIL 9475
PEL-SIL 9475 silicone surfactant is compatible with most polyols and is designed for use with a wide range of second and third generation blowing agents in rigid foam systems. PEL-SIL 9475 may be used in high water formulations or HCFC 141b formulations. It may also be used with high water and HCFC-22 or with all three blowing agents. PEL-SIL 9475 will produce foam with excellent flowability, a high percent of closed cells and excellent initial and retained k factors as well as good dimensional stability. Other uses for PEL-SIL 9475 include surface tension reduction in silicone emulsions and improvement of drainage in pulp brownstock washing.
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 68937-55-3
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