PEL-SIL 9738
PEL-SIL 9738 is useful in both frothed and rigid foam for the promotion of fine cell structure, which results in improved k-factor. PEL-SIL 9738 is a graft style non-hydrolyzable silicone polyether surfactant. The polyether pendants of this product are produced from ethylene oxide with no propylene oxide and the silicone backbone makes up 27% of the molecular weight. PEL-SIL 9738 is acetate capped so it has no hydroxyl functionality. It may be added to either the A or B side of rigid polyurethane foam formulations. Use levels for this type of foam can vary from 1 to 2 parts PEL-SIL 9738 per 100 parts polyol.
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 70914-12-4
Chemical Descriptions: 3-Hydroxypropyl Me and Siloxanes and Silicones
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