PEL-SIL CL360 is a organo-modified silicone-based additive consisting of a siloxane backbone and polyethylene-oxide (EO) and polypropylene oxide (PO) side chains. It has pendant molecular structure. PEL-SIL CL360 is an excellent flow and leveling agent for solvent-based coatings and inks. It can also be used as defoamer or anti-foaming agent for waterborne coatings systems. It can be used at low dosage levels. For polyurethane foam coatings, PEL-SIL CL360 acts a surfactant and foam cell stabilizer. It is not compatible on the isocyanate side and must be added with the polyol. It exhibits excellent compatibility with most polyol premixes.
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 68937-55-3
Chemical Descriptions: Siloxane Polyether
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