PEL-SIL PEPG-1818 is a multipurpose organosilicone surfactant that provides slip, mar resistance and antiblocking properties to surfaces such as polyolefins and coatings, paints and inks. It improves levelling and reduces orange peel, increases gloss and provides a smooth feel to surfaces. This product is soluble in both water and solvent borne formulations and is stable at roughly neutral pH. Stability is reduced by exposure to strong acid or alkali. There is no hydroxyl functionality because all the terminal hydroxyls are acetate capped so PEL-SIL PEPG-1818 is non-reactive. In personal care, PEL-SIL PEPG-1818 is used as a plasticizer for hair resins used in styling products. It is also an effective humectant and emollient for skin care products. It yields very stable formulations, is a good wetting agent, requires low usage levels and is compatible with a wide range of other materials. Being a higher molecular weight polymer, PEL-SIL PEPG-1818 has a low order of toxicity
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
CAS Numbers: 68037-64-9
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