PEL-SIL SFD is a sunflower derived product in which sunflower fatty acids and dimethicone have been grafted together to provide the benefits of both. Because of its dual nature, PEL-SIL SFD is highly compatible with both natural oil-based and silicone-based ingredients. In skin care products, PEL-SIL SFD performs as an emollient, a slip aid, and reduces tackiness and provides a smooth skin feel. In hair care products, it increases sheen, improves wet-combing and detangling, and gives increased softness and suppleness to the hair. PEL-SIL SFD is easily emulsifiable and can be used to ease the incorporation of highly lipophobic silicones into formulations. PEL-SIL SFD is PEG free, prop-65 free, preservative free, and palm free. It has a renewable carbon content of 50%.
CAS Numbers: Proprietary
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