PEL-SIL SMDC is an organosilicone wax consisting of a short dimethicone chain with pendant stearoxy groups. Physically, it is a soft white wax which melts slightly below body temperature. PEL-SIL SMDC performs as an emollient, a slip aid, and contributes to hydrophobicity in skin care and makeup formulations. It is recommended for evaluation in antiperspirant sticks, lipstick and other makeup products as well as creams and lotions. It is a high purity silicone wax offering these features to the formulator of personal care products: 1. Emolliency with no tackiness or greasiness 2. Excellent Slip 3. Easily Emulsified 4. Compatibility with non-polar organics 5. Bland Taste - Melting Point just below body temperature 6. Non-Irritating
Product Category: Organosilicone
Product Sub Category:
Industry: Personal Care
CAS Numbers: 308071-88-7
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