PEL-STAT CS410 is a very efficient internal antistatic agent for engineering thermoplastics. It is thermally stable to at least 260° C and provides Mil Spec performance at low concentrations. Most thermoplastics used in the electronics industry are nonconductive and subject to static charge buildup during manufacturing and use. Small electrical discharges, as low as 50 volts, can damage electronic components, so it is desirable to make these thermoplastics antistatic through use of conductive fillers or chemical additives. Typical fillers such as carbon black, metallic particles and oxides are effective but they require high loadings of about 25%, they degrade the physical properties of the resin and they are expensive to use. Chemical antistatic additives have been used successfully in polyolefins and are cost effective. In engineering thermoplastics, compounding and molding temperatures are too high for these additives to be used without thermal degradation. They typically degrade between 100 – 150° C. PEL-STAT CS410 performs in high temperature applications significantly greater than 150° C. It has much higher thermal stability than standard antistatic agents and can provide long term, internal static protection. PEL-STAT CS410 can be incorporated into HIPS, Noryl, and Nylon 6 with minimal color change. The typical use level is 5% by weight.
Product Category: Metal & Quaternary Salts
Product Sub Category:
Industry: CASE
CAS Numbers: Proprietary
Chemical Descriptions: Quaternary Ammonium Compound
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