PEL-ZOL HE-C is a technical grade of coco hydroxyethyl imidazoline. It acts as a cationic surface-active agent when neutralized, is oil soluble, water dispersible and contains no diluents. It can be neutralized with common acids to give amine salts or combined with alkyl halides and dialkyl sulfates to form quaternary ammonium compounds. PEL-ZOL HE-C can also be used as a reaction intermediate in the production of mild amphoteric cosmetic ingredients and HI&I detergents. This product is a liquid when produced but solidifies upon standing, especially at lower temperatures. Mild heating returns it to a liquid.
Product Category: Amine
Product Sub Category:
Industry: Other
CAS Numbers: 61791-38-6
Chemical Descriptions: Cocoyl Hydroxyethyl Imidazoline
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